Red Dead Online Collector’s Guide – Pearls of the Sea locations for RDR 2

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    For the week of September 15, Madam Nazar has tasked players with tracking down a new set of hidden collectibles in Red Dead Online.

    This task and the items involved with it will only be available to the end of the week, so if you want to pilfer the valuable items from their hidden locations, you're going to want to be quick about it.

    Unfortunately, the items as they spawn come in different areas every time – we've done our best to collate all the available areas the items are available in, but we may have missed some. We'll keep this guide updated for your convenience.

    Bear in mind that once you have gathered all the items in question, you'll need to then find Madam Nazar to deliver them – this can be an arduous process, so check out our guide below to help with this stage of the task.

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    Before that, though, you're going to need to find the items in question.

    Red Dead Online Durant Pearl Bracelet Location

    The locations we've been able to scope out the Durant Pearl Bracelet so far are:

    • Northeast of Rhodes, to the northwest of Saint Denis, to the south of Bluewater Marsh. You're looking for a small house, and the bracelet can be found hidden in the fireplace.

    • Head east of Valentine, almost halfway to Annesburg, at the crossroads right of the 'T' on Cumberland Forest on the map. You'll need the metal detector (unlocked at Collector Rank 5) to be able to discover this item here. Look near a fallen tree.

    Red Dead Online Pelle Pearl Necklace Location

    The locations we've been able to find the Pelle Pearl Necklace so far include:

    • West and slightly south of the Van Horn Trading Post. Head off the road and you'll find a series of rocks shaped a bit like a fish. There's a hole in the middle – search it. The Necklace may be there.

    • Alternatively, head north of Rhodes and start looking around the north end of the Mattock Pond. You may find the item buried next to a fallen tree (but you'll need the metal detector).

    Red Dead Online Bonnard Pearl Ring Location

    The locations you can discover the Bonnard Pearl Ring are:

    • Inside Blackwater, head to the northeast-most point of the city – north of the pier. Look on the beach for a pile of dirt. you'll need the shovel but you'll be able to find the ring here.

    • Alternatively, head to Strawberry, then go north so that you're in the second 'E' in West Elizabeth on the map. There will be a small stone structure that looks a bit ramshackle – you'll get a prompt to search it. Do so, and you may find the ring. If it's not in the wall, search around it with a metal detector.

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