How to Play Destiny 2 on Pc with Xbox Account

Destiny 2 universe is a wonderful platform to explore the wonders of the solar system and engage in first-person shooter warfare. It allows you to customize your Guardian’s appearance and playstyle by unlocking powerful elemental abilities and acquiring distinctive gear.

The cross-play has been a long-sought-after feature by fans, which allows them to play with other Guardians on a different platform than their own.

You may move your progress from one platform to another by introducing cross saves for Destiny 2 in 2019. Nevertheless, you’re still limited to playing with other players on the same platform.

However, with Destiny 2 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox One, inter-generational cross-play becomes a reality. You can even use the D2 account boosting to make sure you get to your desired level.

Here’s all you need to know on establishing the functionality correctly, as well as what platform your work crosses over to.

How Does Destiny’s Cross Save Feature Work on Xbox?

When you use the cross save feature in Destiny 2, your progress and gear will be synced across all platforms you use to play the game. The Xboxbox, PlayStation 4/5, Stadia, and Steam are all supported.

Keep in mind that you cannot combine characters or gear from various platforms and that purchased expansions and Silver cannot be transferred from one system to another.

It’s also worth noting that, while you may turn off cross saving if you change your mind after activating the function, you’ll be unable to start cross-progression for another three months afterward.

Set up a account and have your login credentials for each platform you plan on linking ready to use cross save in Destiny 2. You’ll be able to activate cross save on your account once you have all this information.

How Do You enable cross save functionality in Destiny 2 on Xbox?

Destiny 2’s cross save feature is free, letting you play on as many platforms as you choose. For cross save in Destiny 2, Bungie will need to know which of your accounts are linked together before you can utilize them.

Step 1: has to be logged in with an Xbox Live account before you can start syncing platforms. You may also link your PlayStation,, Steam, and Google Stadia accounts to your account.

Step 2:

Once you’ve logged in, go to the Cross Save section of your profile.

One or two steps may be required before you can log in to your Bungie account. For instance, if you’ve previously connected a account, you’ll first need to connect it to Steam and verify any other accounts linked to your Bungie account.

Step 3:

Next, you’ll need to choose which account you wish to use on other platforms. You’ll be able to check exactly which characters you have and how much Silver you have left on each of them below.

You cannot mix and match characters and progress between accounts. Only one batch of progress from one platform may be shared across all platforms.

What More You Need to Know About Cross Saves in Destiny 2

There are several limitations to Destiny 2 cross saves because you may have paid stuff on one device and another. They include the following:

  • You’ll be unable to use your Silver on any other platform unless you buy it from the same account you purchased it from, such as within Xbox. However, any items you buy with that Silver may be used on other platforms.
  • With a cross save, you will only be allowed to join a single clan, which will be available on all of your devices. To play with other members of your clan, they must be using the same platform as you.
  • For characters that aren’t bound by platform loyalty, the ability to disable cross save is a welcome feature following a cross save maneuver. When you check-in, a cross-platform save will unlock accomplishments for each platform, allowing you to, for example, access all earned PS4 Trophies after previously playing on Xbox Live.
  • In the event that you have any difficulties, you may want to switch to a different web browser. Similarly, there have been a few glitches with error messages at launch, so if you’re experiencing issues, you may want to wait a few days after the function becomes live.
  • If you’ve been playing on only one platform, this is simple, but if you’ve been playing on both PS4 and PC, you’ll need to pick one to play on the rest. That’s all there is to it, and you can now go ahead and confirm the characters and progress that will be available on each linked account. All the gear, loot, and advancement you’ve earned will be there when you log back into one of those accounts.


If you haven’t loaded the latest update for Destiny 2, you may see an error message saying “Destiny Servers are not accessible” when trying to sign in.

Here is how you check for any updates:

Step 1: Click on your profile icon in the Microsoft Store app, then on “Downloads and updates,” and finally on “Get updates” to begin the process of downloading new updates.

Step 2: Choose “My Collection” in the top left corner of the Xbox PC software, then “Manage Installs” in the upper right corner. A list of all downloaded Xbox games, as well as any upcoming updates, will be displayed. You may then choose to accept automatic updating. From here, you may update the title and connect to the database server.

Sending an invite to someone not currently playing Destiny 2 and having them accept results in the game crashing and displaying an error message on Xbox Game Bar versions before 5.721.8052.0. However, if you launch the game immediately after the problem notification displays, a player can join the invited session instantly.

Silver and Add-Ons purchased from platforms such as Eververse with real money cannot be used by the player’s Silver balance. The only way to fix this is to sign in to the Xbox app and sign in to the Microsoft Store using the same Microsoft Account they used to get into the Xbox app.

You must have linked your Microsoft Store and Xbox app accounts before purchasing Add-ons or purchasing Silver. And if you want, you can always boost your game to play at your desired level.