Epson CO-FH02 is a versatile HD projector for outdoorsy folk keen on movies

Summer is here and lots of people are looking for some holiday time while still keeping up with all their favourite telly shows and movies.

And Epson’s CO-FH02 projector aims to be a flexible unit ideal for folk looking to enjoy a big screen experience while enjoying the great British outside on a staycation.

In the most part it does a great job, but at nearly £700 on the Epson website it might be a bit pricey for some, especially when it’s only offering Full HD and not a 4K experience.

The CO-FH02 unit is white, slim and compact – sitting at just 32cm‎ by 21.1cm and 8.7cm.

It aims to offer up to 18 years of entertainment and feels study and well built out of the box.

There’s a little plastic foot on the bottom of the device that you can adjust to angle the Epsom upwards, beaming an image on anything from a front room wall to full-on woodland easily.

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It needs a power supply to run, so it’s not totally portable.

But thanks to keystone correction and that relatively small size for a projector, it’s a unit you can take away with you in a case without losing too much space for your clothes and vitals.

And then, thanks to easy-to-set-up wi-fi access using the Android TV dongle that comes in the box, you can quickly be logged in to all your favourite streaming services via the Android TV user interface.

Then its really down to just finding a decent surface wherever in the world you are to beam the screen onto.

The CO-FH02 comes with a small remote, which can be a bit fiddly and jumped a bit for me when navigating menus.

Using the remote you can jump onto services like YouTube and Netflix at will and the Epson will deliver impressive 1080p visuals up to a cinema-style screen size of 391 inches.

It means big movies, big games, big telly all fairly pin-sharp on your go-to canvas.

And thanks to a high white and colour light output of 3,000 lumens, you’ll get really bright, watchable clips no matter where you’re beaming your content.

We had it pushing YouTube videos all night on an off-white wall and it looked as good as any TV out there, albeit not quite at the 4K detail many users now expect.

There’s a built-in five watt speaker too, so you don’t have to struggle connecting third-party speaker systems to hear anything.

That makes the on-the-go option even more hassle-free, although the speaker is quite tinny and doesn’t do a great job with bass at that fairly restricted level.

For connectivity, you’ve got slots on the back of the device for USB and HDMI as well as the wireless option.

So a gaming console can slot right in if you want to take a Playstation on your travels.

Overall, a really slim versatile projector that you can take away with you. One that does need a plug socket but still offers a bright, detailed display – even outdoors.

It’s on the slightly pricier side for the audience it’s pitched at, there are comparable rival projectors in this area that sit around £150 cheaper.

But it’s a strong option and worth considering.


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