Warzone Season 6 release time, date, new skins, weapons and early patch notes

Activision is gearing up to release a brand new season of Call of Duty content for Warzone and Modern Warfare 2. Warzone Season 6 has a September 27 release date and a 5pm BST UK launch time. The new season has a spooky Halloween theme, although unfortunately this means most of the new items, game modes and crossover bundles won’t actually be available until the mid-season update, which doesn’t actually launch until October 17.

The majority of launch content will be available as part of the Season 6 Battle Pass, which is available across Warzone and Modern Warfare 2.

Indeed, comic book character Spawn headlines the Season 6 Battle Pass, complete with multiple variants.

“A deal with the devil is fulfilled in Season 6’s Battle Pass,” reads the official description. “Witness U.S. Security Group assassin Al Simmons’ transformation into the legendary antihero Spawn.

“Unlock further Spawn-themed rewards and Operator Skins throughout the pass, including additional visitors from the Underworld.”

By completing the Battle Pass players can also unlock the Spawn skin, as well as the Burned Spawn skin, Nikto Spawn outfit, Creepy Clown, Soul Crusher, Disruptor, and Violator skins. BlackCell owners will be able to unlock additional variants.

As a reminder, crossover bundles featuring Inarius and Lilith from Diablo, Skeletor from He-Man, Ash William from The Evil Dead and Alucard from Hellsing will be available from the item shop later this season.

Elsewhere, the Battle Pass comes with the TR-76 Geist Assault Rifle, the ISO 9mm SMG and the Dual Kamas Melee weapon at launch.

In terms of in-game content, limited-time game modes like Operation Nightmare and Zombie Royale will launch as part of the mid-season update.

Operation Nightmare taks players with investigating “eldritch anomalies across the map”, all the while hunting down monstrous targets.

As for Zombie Royale, the game ditches the Gulag, with players instead returning to the map as zombies with unique abilities. 

Modern Warfare 2 will receive some new maps at launch, specifically two Core and two Gunfight Maps. This includes La Casa (Core), Koro Village (Core), King (Gunfight), and Fight (Gunfight).

Patch notes will be revealed closer to launch, so keep checking back for all the latest changes.

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