The new Sea of Thieves game isn’t on Xbox or PC

There’s a brand new Sea of Thieves game available to purchase right now, although you won’t find it on Xbox or PC. Instead, the new Sea of Thieves release is actually a 2-4 person board game developed by Steamforged. Priced at £59.99, the Sea of Thieves tabletop adventure is described as a “competitive seafaring board game”. It’s said to take elements of the video game, as players compete to earn the title of Pirate Legend.

Steamforged explains more: “Welcome, pirates! Have you ever dreamed of being out on the open waves in search of treasure and adventure? Well then, the Sea of Thieves is calling!”

“Explore the high seas with your friends in voyages packed with danger and excitement, but don’t forget – only one of you can be crowned a Pirate Legend…

“You’ll build a fearsome reputation as you compete for that title, battling sea monsters and pilfering plunder as you go.”

As part of the game, players will need to upgrade their ships, hire a crew, sell cargo, and hunt for treasure.

You’ll need to explore islands and forts, defeat skeleton garrisons, and even battle legendary in-game monsters like the Kraken and the Megalodon.

According to Steamforged, the Sea of Thieves board game takes between 90-120 minutes to play, and can be purchased from the developer’s website.

The contents of the Sea of Thieves board game in full…

• 7x Game Board Tiles

• 24x Standees

• 10x Dice

• 4x Rules Reference Cards

• 18x Special Crew Cards

• 20x Event Cards

• 52x Fortune Cards

• 52x Voyage Cards

• 12x Ship Cards

• 8x Enemy Cards

• Over 300 Tokens

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