Steam 20th anniversary sale is packed with hit games and Steam Deck discounts

Valve is celebrating 20 years of its PC gaming platform Steam. The PC gaming storefront launched back in September 2003, and his since gone on to become the leading distribution centre for digital games. Steam has suffered multiple controversies over the years, including accusations of abusing its market share to prevent price competition, not giving publishers a fair share of profits, and even for being a form of DRM. Companies like Epic Games have since set up their own PC gaming platforms, but despite the promise of free games each week, nothing has quite managed to knock Steam off the top. To celebrate the 20-year milestone, Valve has published a fascinating essay describing some of the biggest games and moments in the years that followed. Many of the games (particularly first-party titles) are available at discounted prices, and Valve has even slashed the price of the Steam Deck.

Take advantage of all the best Steam discounts and deals by topping up your wallet and grabbing some games.

The Steam 20th anniversary hub breaks things down year-by-year, offering cut ptice versions of early hits such as Counter Strike (down to just £0.71), Half Life (also reduced to £0.71) and Half Life 2 (which is available for just £0.85).

Other big games from the era are also reduced, including Call of Duty 2 for £11.24, Half Life 2: Episode 1 for £0.66 and Total War Medieval 2 Definitive Edition for £4.99.

Other hit games from the following years such as Hitman Blood Money and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare are reduced to £2.78 and £4.99, respectively, while the original Portal and its sequel are down to £0.85 each.

Elsewhere, games like Arma 3 (£4.79), Far Cry 3 (£4.24), and the original Watch Dogs (£3.89) are also given big discounts.

More modern games like Monster Hunter World, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy XV and Red Dead Redemption 2 also get a mention, not to mention some pretty hefty discounts.

The sale even extends to games launched in 2023, such as F1 23, Starship Troopers and Battlebit.

Outside of games, Valve has slashed the price of its hugely popular Steam Deckhandheld device.

The 64GB version, which comes with a carry case, is currently available for the reduced price of just £314.

The 256GB SSD model is reduced by 15% to £390, while the 512GB SSD version costs £455.

As someone who regrets purchasing the 64GB, I would recommend stumping up the extra cash for the 512GB model, which comes with a carry case and glare-free display.

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