Pretend You’re in Money Heist at Escape Hour

It would be a lot of fun when you pretend you are in a TV show while playing a quest game at Escape Hour. Perhaps, the best TV show that exemplifies what is going on is none other than Money Heist. You can pretend you are being held hostage against your will by a group of armed robbers. They are probably not going to kill you and they will release you anyway at the end of a countdown. The experience will also stick in your brain for a few years.

In fact, you could even have a lot of fun while in the Escape Hour in Calgary by naming your teammates as city names. It does not even have to be a capital as most of the thieves in Money Heist chose a capital for their name. It is understandable that they chose to do that because it would be safe for them to hide their true identity from people who they don’t even know. What more, they will make friends with their fellow robbers and could even have relationships with the hostages. Another rule the Professor is used to saying is saying nobody is allowed to get in a personal relationship. Now that is one rule you probably need to follow especially since you are just given a few minutes to finish the quest game.

Perhaps, the most fun part about imagining you are in Money Heist is thinking of a city name for yourself. It could be the city that you have recently been to. If you love the city because of the awesome people, nice tourist spots, and wonderful restaurants, you would not mind naming yourself after that city. Another fun part would be all the surprises you are going to be experiencing while inside the escape room.

It is all fun and games until you realize you are not winning the game. That would bring out the competitive side in you and you would want to be the person that won it all for the team. That would remind you of the lead character in Money Heist, Tokyo whose character is too strong for any team. She would always do stuff that would put her comrades in danger. In the end, she would not mind as long as she gets what she wants. That is certainly the type of attitude that would make you conquer a bunch of challenges presented to you.