Overwatch 2 Season 7 release time, dates, new skins and Diablo crossover

Overwatch 2 players are counting down to the release of Season 7 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Titled Rise of Darkness, Overwatch 2 Season 7 has an October 10 release date and a 6pm BST UK launch time. The new season will be accompanied by a big new update, as well as a new Battle Pass, rewards, character skins and even a Diablo-themed game mode, called Trials of Sanctuary.

Trials of Sanctuary is a co-op survival mode in which heroes face off against wave of enemies and bosses.

Blizzard explains more: “In our first-ever Blizzard crossover game mode launching with our Halloween Terror event, you’ll descend into a battle against the demons of the Burning Hells in an all-new co-op survival brawl, Trials of Sanctuary.

“Fight as one of six different heroes: Demon Hunter Sombra, Barbarian Zarya, Night Raven Illari, Cleric Lifeweaver, Imperious Reinhardt, and Inarius Pharah, while facing an onslaught of unrelenting forces in a fierce battle for survival.

“Challenging bosses wait along the way, including Azmodan Wrecking Ball, Butcher Roadhog, and the Blessed Mother herself – Lilith Moira.”

You can check out new Trials of Sanctuary gameplay, alongside some of the new Diablo-themed skins by watching the trailer below.

In addition to the Trials of Sanctuary game mode, Overwatch 2 fans can play traditional Halloween Terror game modes such as Junkenstein’s Revenge and Wrath of the Bride over the course of the new season.

The game modes will give players the chance to earn bonus XP and in-game credits, which can be used to unlock new Overwatch 2 heroes including Sojourn, Junker Queen, Kiriko, Ramattra, and Lifeweaver.

“This special opportunity is available for one week only, through October 17,” Blizzard explains.

Credits – which can be unlocked by completing challenges within the Halloween Terror game modes – can also be used to purchase new and returning Halloween skins.

Speaking of skins, the Battle Pass will contain a new Mythic Onryo Hanzo skin for reaching the level 80 tier.

That’s on top of Victorian Ghost Lucio, Crimson Clown Soldier: 76, Azmondan Wrecking Ball, Victorian Doll Echo, and Diesel Barron Ramattra.

The Ultimate Battle Pass bundle also contains the Legendary Lilith Moira Skin and the Legendary Inarius Pharah skin, along with a new Epic Pumpkin-Spice themed skin for Bastion.

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Elsewhere, Blizzard has announced plans to bring its “most complex battlefield” yet to Overwatch 2.

Samoa is a new Control map featuring tropical beaches, villages, and a volcano.

“Watch out for deadly pitfalls, or you might just be swimming in lava! Samoa will be available to play right away in a dedicated Arcade card and will appear in Quick Play and other unranked modes starting on October 10 with it appearing in Competitive Play later in the season.”

Finally, expect big changes to be made to characters such as Mei, Zarya, Orisa, Ramattra, Wrecking Ball, Cassidy, Torbjorn, Brigitte, Roadhog and Illari.

Sombra will receive a brand new ability kit, including a brand new Virus ability, which is a “skill shot that deals damage over time to the target it hits and does double impact damage along with the damage over time at a faster rate if they are already hacked”.

Express Online will return with full Overwatch 2 patch notes when the Season 7 update goes live.

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