London City Smiles – Straighten Your Teeth: The Best Ways to Do It –

Knowing where to start when you want your teeth straightened may seem confusing, but it needn’t be. The options open to you are wider than you might think.

Are traditional braces the right choice for you? Or would you prefer to wear Invisalign braces? There are a few ways to straighten teeth.

Let’s look at what your teeth straightening options are and the best ways to achieve this for a better smile.

Teeth straightening options

You’ll recognise the more traditional forms of braces, they’re composed of metal structure and wires affixed to the patient’s mouth. In bygone decades, this was the only option available to somebody who wanted teeth alignment.

In terms of pricing, the metal braces are a good option for those with an eye on keeping the budget down. They work in severe cases and need to be professionally fitted by your dentist.

Some people dislike the idea of these braces, however, because they aren’t subtle. They’re visibly apparent and can appear uncomfortable.

Hygiene-wise, it can be difficult to clean your teeth with these braces on and there’s a chance food can be caught in the wires, so you’ll need to be mindful of what you eat.

This is why many people opt instead for Invisalign aligners. One huge benefit of this range is how discreet the mouthwear is; it’s hardly noticeable to anybody else that you’re wearing braces at all.

You can remove them to wash them out and clean your teeth thoroughly, and of course, this helps for eating too. Certain Invisalign models offer a shorter overall duration and are perhaps the quickest way to straighten teeth.

Concerning comfort, Invisalign treatment surely wins the battle of the braces. However, they are more costly. For those not quite as flexible with their money right now, this might seem a little expensive.

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Which is the right choice for me?

Wanting straight teeth is perfectly natural. Everybody wishes they had perfectly straight teeth so they can share their smile with the world more often.

This will depend entirely on your circumstances, like your budget, the amount of time you want them straightened in, how conscious you’ll be of their noticeability and other factors.

Your age can play a part in the decision too. If you’re lucky to be young enough, there is an Invisalign Teen model that helps growing youngsters.

Whichever way you decide to approach teeth straightening, the treatment must be done by a licensed dental practice. You can expect the very best service the capital has to offer with London City Smiles.

To help you decide, book a free consultation today. Our team can help you clarify a few things so your mind is clearer and you have more information.

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