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How to a Flare Gun in PUBG

The very moment you land on your location, you start searching and finding different weapons, ammo, bandages, and other useful stuff. While exploring the building you come across a red Flare Gun, but don’t really know how to use it…Since it’s  flare gun, it should signal something. But what exactly? How to utilize it to the benefit of you or your team?

A special supply crate with superior supplies. Flare Gun in PUBG is a rare find in all the three maps that have been rolled out in the game yet (Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok) and is used to call in a special supply-crate drop (when you are inside the white circle) or an armoured UAZ (when you are outside the white circle).

The supply crate you get upon firing the Flare Gun is unlike the regular supply crates that are dropped from the air during gameplay and is supported in the air by three parachutes. And it carries better supplies too. You can summon airdrops within the white circle (which is the safe zone) using this gun if you want this crate. If you fire it inside the white circle, you’ll get a big supply crate with level-3 weapons and armour and maybe a ghillie suit (for camouflage) as well. If you fire it outside the white circle, you’ll get an armoured UAZ which is a green jeep with metal slats on its windows and windshield.

Here is how to use the Flare Gun in PUBG effectively.

  1. Get outside in open spaces.
  2. There you’ll find the Flare Gun inside buildings. However, to use a Flare Gun, you would need to get outside the building.
  3.  Pick a suitable spot and fire the gun in the air.
  4. This gun is noisy; the shots fired can reveal your location to your opponents. So, choose an open location, preferably with a lot of hiding spots. The flare will hang in the sky after you’ve fired the shot. Then, you will be able to see an aeroplane coming right at the location from where you fired the gun, towards the flare. The aeroplane will drop the special supply crate which, upon landing, issues yellow smoke.
  5. Loot the crate quickly and change your location immediately
  6. Read the guide how to crouch jump in PUBG.

You would be wanting the supplies from the crate anyway, whether your aim is to loot it first and lure the enemies or set up an ambush for enemies, kill them and loot supplies from the crate or the dead enemies in case they’ve managed to loot it before being killed). In both cases, it would be wise to keep relocating.