Gunbrella Blasts Its Way To Switch And PC This Month

Gunbrella is exactly what it sounds like; you shoot enemies with a gun that’s also an umbrella. It’s the second action title from Gato Roboto developer Donksoft and we now know it’s coming on September 13. 

A new trailer provides a new look at Gunbrella’s explosive, retro-inspired action. Players control a woodsman seeking revenge for the death of his wife, with players using their weaponized umbrella to blast apart foes or as a platforming tool. For example, you can use the umbrella to glide, swing, or slide around levels, among other uses.

We went hands-on with Gunbrella’s Steam demo and walked away impressed. You can watch us give it a spin in this episode of New Gameplay Today. 

Gunbrella will be available on Switch and PC.

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