Fortnite update 26.20 PS5 delay – Epic Games investigating PlayStation 5 issue

Fortnite server downtime is over, and update 26.20 is out now on all platforms… sort of. Unfortunately, while PS4, Xbox, PC, Android and Nintendo Switch users can access the update, the download isn’t widely available on PS5. Epic Games is currently investigating an issue with the new update on PlayStation 5. The download is reportedly working for some PS5 users, but not everybody. Fortnite developer Epic Games confirmed the news on X (formerly Twitter).

“We’re aware that players on PS5 were experiencing issues with downloading the v26.20 update,” reads the original Epic Games tweet. “You can now download the v26.20 update on PS5, which will also resolve matchmaking issues.”

Unfortunately, however, in a a follow-up post, Epic said that the issue hadn’t been fully resolved.

“We are investigating the unavailability of the v26.20 update for some players on PS5,” reads a recent post. “We will let you know when we have more info.”

Needless to say, without the ability to download update 26.20, some PlayStation 5 users won’t be able to login and play Fortnite.

Express Online will keep this article updated with the latest developments regarding update 26.20 on PS5.

According to Fortnite insider Shiina, Epic Games is working on a new Transformers bundle, which will be available from the item shop soon. This includes new Battlebus, Bumblebee, and Megatron skins.

Fans have also been given a look at the first Fortnitemares skin, while Epic has added a “competitive version of the Rocket Ram to the game files”.

According to Shiina, it’s called the “RocketLimitedRam”. The item shop has also been given a redesign.

Elsewhere, Star Wars character and secret skin Ahsoka is available to unlock following the release of the update.

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