Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail Expansion Revealed, Coming Summer 2024

Final Fantasy XIV publisher Square Enix and developer Creative Business Unit III have revealed Dawntrail, the MMO’s next expansion, and it hits the game next summer. 

Square Enix revealed Dawtrail today, the first day of Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2023 in Las Vegas, with a new trailer showcasing the tropical New World known as Yok Tural and many beloved characters hanging out there. Shortly after the reveal, director Naoki Yoshida took the stage to discuss the expansion as part of the Fan Festival’s keynote presentation. 

Check out the Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail expansion trailer for yourself below: 

Yoshida says the logo art for Dawntrail was created by Yoshitaka Amano using the color gold, which is the theme color of this expansion. You can check out the Dawntrail logo below:

Speaking to the story, Yoshida says, “We want to bring the very best summer vacation a hero could possibly have” to the Warriors of Light (the players). Without spoiling the events of 2021’s Endwalker expansion, Yoshida says Dawntrail is a significant shift from the previous expansion. Where Endwalker was dark, with the end of the universe on the line, Dawntrail is brighter and seemingly lighter in tone. 

“It’s a new beginning of Final Fantasy XIV [and] the theme is a journey of discovery. As you know, the arc we’ve been on from 1.0 to Endwalker about Hydaelyn and Zodiark has concluded. So you can think of this as our first step into a new story for Final Fantasy XIV.”

For more about Dawntrail, head to Game Informer’s story featuring everything you need to know about the expansion. 

Story in development…

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