Every Starter Pokémon Will Return in the Scarlet and Violet DLC

Despite all the Pokémon news we got at last week’s Pokémon Presents live stream, it seems Game Freak and The Pokémon Company had even more news on Scarlet and Violet’s upcoming DLC. Through a new trailer that premiered at the Pokémon World Championships last weekend, we’ve learned that The Indigo Disk, part two of the DLC, will have returning favorites, brand-new moves, and a mysterious nineteenth Tera Type.

Right off the bat, the trailer starts with an exciting reveal: every past first partner Pokémon (known more commonly as “starters”) will be returning in the Winter expansion. In most games in the series, starters can only be obtained at the very start of the game, and you can only ever obtain one of three. They’re also typically exclusive to every region, so partner Pokémon from Gold and Silver can’t be found in the wild in, say, Diamond and Pearl. More recently, some past starters have been available through post-game activities, but having all of them available in the wild is a series first. Even through trades and transfers, some of these Pokémon (like Bulbasaur) haven’t been available in Scarlet and Violet in any capacity, so this update confirms their newfound compatibility.

The trailer also gave proper names and types to the new paradox Pokémon teased in the previous trailer. Roaring Bolt (based on Entei) is an Electric/Dragon type, while Iron Crown (based on Cobalion) is a Steel/Psychic type. Each was introduced with a new move they’ll have access to. Raging Bolt can use Thunderclap, which attacks a foe before their attacking move goes off. Meanwhile, Iron Crown gets Tachyon Cutter which is guaranteed to hit twice in a row. We also saw two more new moves: Psychic Noise deals damage and prevents the target from healing, while Upper Hand will always strike before a foe’s priority move.

Finally, the trailer teases a nineteenth Tera Type. Shown in the battle UI as a rainbow-colored hexagon, we have no way of knowing what its effects will be in battle or how it will be obtained. The trailer ends with an animation of a bunch of crystals, each themed after one of the Pokémon types, forming a crown. For more details, we might have to wait until Scarlet and Violet’s second DLC, The Indigo Disk, hits the eShop sometime this Winter.

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