Always In Mind Is An Upcoming Narrative-Focused Action Platformer From A Former Square Enix, Sega Dev

Cord Smith has worked at Compulsion Games, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Sega. He’s now founded a new studio called Inevitable Studios and the team’s first game is a narrative-based action platformer called Always in Mind. In it, players must escape their own mind using special powers gained from living out their family’s stories of the past.

It’s currently available to wishlist on Steam, indicating a PC release, but there’s no word about consoles. However, the announcement comes with news that a Kickstarter for Always in Mind is coming soon.

Watch the Always in Mind announcement trailer below

As you can see, the world of Always in Mind is quite trippy, with a unique visual style to boot. Players control Teddy, a 12-year-old in the hospital in a coma whose only hope of waking up comes in the form of Proxy, a long-dormant AI implant. Teddy is aware of his situation because of Proxy, but in order to regain consciousness, he must “self-realize.” 

“But that journey through his mind is going to take some serious introspection and help from a very unexpected place: the advice and stories of the mother he never knew,” a press release reads. “Teddy’s mother’s stories are brought to life through Proxy’s interactive simulations, introducing new abilities that prove essential to exploring the full expanse of Teddy’s mind. Ultimately, Teddy will learn the power of connection, the importance of family, and the mind’s role in his rite of passage to becoming a responsible and empathetic young man.” 

Smith, who is Inevitable Studios’ founder and Always in Mind’s game director, says this game is the team’s debut and represents its desire to craft authentic, positive, and unique experiences it feels the world needs now. “By blending powerful narrative themes with intuitive controls and deep action-oriented gameplay, we invite gamers of all skill levels to experience the mind-bending, heartwarming moments we hope they’ll discuss and cherish for years to come.” 

As for when to expect Always in Mind, that remains unknown, but it’s available to wishlist right now on Steam (with a Kickstarter coming soon). 

In the meantime, here are some screenshots from Always in Mind

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