Next-Gen Xbox Series X Is Perfect For Limited-Edition Designs, Phil Spencer Says

Following the reveal of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, fans quickly noted that the design of the hardware itself lends itself to custom designs inspired by any number of games, brands, and products. Fans and brands alike created mock ups that showed what special editions might look like, and the results were promising.

Now, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has responded on Twitter, saying that while Microsoft did not purposefully design the console with this in mind, he’s happy about the opportunity for limited editions, wraps, and other custom creations.

“One thing we really like about the design is the ability to do do LE editions, wraps, custom etc. It wasn’t a design criteria (that was all about the function of the console) but the result leaves a nice forward face for some creative opportunities,” Spencer said.

No official limited edition Series X consoles have been announced. The Halo Infinite mock-up above looks really nice, but it’s too soon to say if Microsoft will go forward with anything like it. Microsoft also created a new Xbox controller featuring a Share button for the next-generation console.

In other news, it was recently confirmed that the Xbox Series X name is referring to this super-powerful model alone; the actual name of the next-gen console is only “Xbox.” Microsoft says this leaves open the possibility for the company to release other next-generation consoles with different names. One ongoing rumour is that Microsoft will also release a less-powerful, disc-free version of its next-generation console, though this has yet to be confirmed.

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