VRMMO 'OrbusVR' to Launch Paid DLC Questlines This Year with 'Mini Story Packs' – Road to VR

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OrbusVR, the virtual reality MMORPG, is getting heaps of new content this year, as the studio not only announced a continuation of the game’s ‘Explorer’s League’ questline, which is slated to bring multiple hours new gameplay next month, but also the first of a series of paid DLC ‘Mini Story Packs’ that promise to bring 10 -15 hours of additional content to the game.

Introduced last year, The Explorer’s League questline is getting its second phase starting February 10th, which is said to provide around 5-10 hours of new content and include rewards such as a Transmog chest piece, new dyes, achievements, and buildings upon completion of the storyline.

In light of the studio’s decision to make the game free-to-play up until level 10 on PC, it appears OrbusVR is looking towards paid DLC quests to keep players coming back for fresh content. The first paid Mini Story Pack is said to arrive Q2 2020, and will be priced at $10. The studio says it will include “all-new zones to explore, quest lines and NPCs, allowing you to experience Patreayl like you’ve never seen it before.”

Here’s how Orbus Online describes it:

While the effects of Essence radiation are clearly visible throughout the land, no one has ever explored their effects on the micro ecosystems of Patreayl. Using the newly developed “micronizer” tool, shrink down and discover a miniature world teeming with life—as well as a few secret cities.

Meet the residents of a mushroom village, clamber up discarded barrels in a field, and find your way through a maze of underground tunnels.

This first Mini Story Pack will introduce around 10-15 hours of new gameplay. You will find new monsters, gear sets, a new mount, pet, house decor and achievements. Each new zone will be laden with hidden areas and secret passages—discovery of which will be aided with the addition of a new climbing mechanic!

Orbus says more information of its first Mini Story Pack will arrive in the coming months, so stay tuned to the studio’s blog for the latest.

OrbusVR supports SteamVR headsets via Steam, and Rift and Quest via the Oculus Store.

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