Until You Fall Update Will Bring New Enemies, Weapons, Environments

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Until You Fall, the hack-and-slash VR rogue-lite from Schell Games, is soon to get a “massive” update which will expand the game into a new environment, bringing new enemies, encounters, and weapons.

Until You Fall launched in early access at the end of August. In our early access review we gave the game high praise for its deep combat which weaves sword fighting fitness and strategy in a uniquely compelling way.

The game has seen a few updates since launch, but what is likely the largest update yet the early access phase is set to release on November 14th. Schell Games announced on its blog this week that the upcoming update will add the final segment of the ‘Shattered Woods’ campaign which will see players battle their way through a new Industrial Outskirts environment and ultimately reach the final encounter with the Aether Horror boss.

Along the way players will find two new enemies, the Empowered Captain and Empowered Spellweaver, enhanced versions of the lesser enemies of the same type which are seen earlier in the campaign.

In Until You Fall you have just one life to make it to the end and defeat the Aether Horror, lest you get defeated only to rise and try again from the start. Those who beat the final boss are promised to be rewarded with ‘Twin Katars’, a pair of “unique punching daggers” which can be used together or mixed with the game’s other weapons.

The update will also bring a handful of gameplay tweaks including “dodging improvements, stabbing improve­ments, dash damage balance updates, as well as seated mode range adjust­ments to make the game more comfort­able to play. Quality of life improve­ments will also be added, including better Augment rewards when defeating bosses.”

The update will of course be free, and hit all platforms on November 14th. Until You Fall is now available on Steam (Index, Vive, Rift) and Oculus (Rift).

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