Time Hacker Lets You Wreak Havoc by Freezing Time, Gets August Release Date

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Indie VR studio Joy Way has announced an August release date for their upcoming title Time Hacker and published a new trailer which shows the game’s time-freezing gameplay.

Joy Way, the same studio behind the upcoming VR parkour action game Stride, plans to launch Time Hacker by the end of August. A new trailer shows the game’s core gameplay which allows you to freeze time and manipulate the world in dastardly ways before letting it all play out. Seemingly inspired by lighting fast superheroes like The Flash or Quicksilver, it’s a concept that seems uniquely well fit for exploration in VR.

Joy Way has been exploring the concept in VR since last year. Initially the studio released a prototype version of the time freezing mechanics in a short demo called Revenge. This was later followed by a more substantial demo earlier this year called Change Ranger.

The studio presents the game as something like a spatial puzzle; players must figure out how to dispatch their foes and save hostages using the environment around them.

The full version of the game will launch as Time Hacker by the end of August, the studio tells Road to VR. Until then Joy Way is running a closed beta of the game which interested players can sign up for here.

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