'The Under Presents' Returns with Additional Showtimes for 'Tempest' Immersive Theater – Road to VR

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The Under Presents, a genre-defying VR experience that takes live theater and flips it on its head, is again offering showtimes for its immersive retelling of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

We had a chance to go hands-on with Tempest for its debut run back in July, and it was overall a really fun and interesting experience—especially for anyone missing out on group activities due to being stuck at home. If you’re worried about stuffy pre-modern English, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with Tempest, as actors aim to get you closer to their abridged version of the early 17th-century classic.

Now developers Tender Claws are offering a special run of Tempest during the Raindance Immersive festival, with new showtimes taking place between November 5th – 15th.

Three showtimes are offered each day, starting on the hour at 2PM, 3PM, 4PM ET (local starting time here), and are accessible as a $15 in-app purchase exclusively through the Oculus Quest Store and Oculus Rift Store. Tender Claws says to arrive at the lobby area 10 minutes before you scheduled showtime.

Each performance lasts about 45 minutes, and promises personal variations among each actor, who guides you through an immersive retelling of The Tempest, replete with costume changes, interactive bits for the whole group (max six people), and plenty of immersive environments to bring you closer to the story.

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