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    We’re keeping an eye on the best Oculus Quest Black Friday 2019 deals, don’t blink or you might miss the best Quest sale of the year!

    The Best Oculus Quest Black Friday 2019 Deal

    Image courtesy Oculus

    The best Oculus Quest Black Friday 2019 deal so far is the 64GB Quest for $400 on Amazon bundled with the Vader Immortal trilogy.

    Unlike the Rift S, Oculus is not planning to drop the price on Quest for Black Friday, but the bundled game is effectively a $30 discount since it’s almost certainly a ‘must play’ on the headset. The bundle includes all three Star Wars: Vader Immortal episodes. This sale is already available and will run until January 31st, 2020.

    The bundled trilogy is also included with the 128GB Quest for $500 on Amazon.

    Seeing this deal out of stock? You may be able to find it at these stores (double check the fine print to ensure the Vader Immortal bundle is available):

    • Oculus.com
    • Best Buy
    • Argos
    • Digitech
    • CoolBlue
    • Newegg
    • Oculus Rift Quest Price Baseline

      It’s important to keep in mind the base price of the headset so you can make an informed decision when purchasing. Without an special discount, the Oculus Quest 64GB costs $400 while the 128GB version costs $500, and do not include any bundled games.

      Quest was released earlier this year as Oculus’ first all-in-one standalone headset. While it does require a PC to play its own games, users with powerful PCs can also plug it into their computer to play PC VR games via Oculus Link, making it flexible option.

      Oculus Quest Black Friday Game Deal

      Now through 9PM PT on December 1st, Oculus is making available a $90 ‘Thanksgiving Collection‘ with six bundled Quest games:

      • Moss
      • Job Simulator
      • Wander
      • Fruit Ninja
      • Real VR Fishing
      • Racket: Nx

      At $90, the bundle offers a 21% discount over the usual $115 collective cost of these titles. If you already own any of the games in a bundle you pay a reduced amount and still get a discount on the titles in the bundle that you don’t already own.

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