Switch VR Labo Kit Shows Trove of Creative VR Content, Pre-orders Open

None among us can deny Nintendo’s penchant for creativity. The limited VR specs of the Switch don’t exactly inspire, but the company’s creative array of accessories and content in the Labo VR Kit just might. Nintendo has shown off a unique set of games based on the DIY cardboard peripherals (there’s a freaking bird attachment), along with 64 mini-experiences which can be deconstructed and experimented with in the ‘Garage VR’ scriptable programming tool.

Earlier this month Nintendo announced the Labo: VR Kit, the fourth kit in their ‘Labo’ product line—primarily targeted toward younger gamers and families—which offers build-it-yourself accessories which work in conjunction with specially made games and experiences.

The Labo VR Kit for Switch is now available for pre-order as a $40 Starter Kit and an $80 all-inclusive kit that offers all of the VR Toy-Con accessories in one box. Both kits launch on April 12th.

A new trailer shows the creative use of the included accessories and the diverse array of experiences:

Nintendo is calling it their “most immersive, robust Nintendo Labo kit to date,” not only because of the six unique Toy-Con accessories and corresponding games, but because of the 64 mini-experiences in the ‘VR Plaza’, all of which were built in (and can be deconstructed with) ‘Garage VR’, a programming tool which lets kids understand what makes each experiences tick—and encourages them to learn by tweaking, fiddling, and customizing.

Nintendo says that Garage VR can also be used to build simple VR experiences from scratch, right from the Switch. It isn’t clear yet if these experiences will be shareable between users, or if they will remain local.

From what we’re seeing so far, it looks like Nintendo has put a lot more thought into the Labo VR Kit than the many comparisons to Google Cardboard have insinuated. With an April 12th release date we’ll soon know if the kit can overcome the VR limitations of the Switch with its creative set of content.

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