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    Along with Pimax’s new additions to its “8K” headset line, “8K” X and Plus, the company offered up an avalanche of info on their upcoming accessories for consumers, as well as upgrade options for Kickstarter backers & pre-order customers looking to get the latest gear.

    The company released the info on its newly christened ‘Pimax Day’ where they showcased a number of accessories and modules that were previously listed through its 2017 Kickstarter.

    There’s plenty to cover: you’ll find pricing, release dates, and specs for the following modules/accessories below including the optical hand-tracking module, eye-tracking module, audio strap, comfort kit, 10-meter cable, and SteamVR 2.0 basestations.

    Skip below the lists to find more info on the backer/pre-order upgrade programs Pimax has devised.


    • Price: $170
    • Shipping: in December, first to backers who opted for the module
    • Made with UltraLeap (previously UltaHaptics)
    • Eye-tracking Module

      • Price: $300 ($200 for backers)
      • Shipping: to testing groups December 15th
      • Backers can use coupons to reduce to $100
      • Designed in partnership with 7Invensun
      • Special design for wide FOV headsets with canted displays
      • Enables DFR (dynamic foveated rendering)
      • Compatible with the all Pimax headsets

      Modular Audio Strap

      • Price: $120
      • Shipping: in December, to backers first
      • Includes high-end replaceable audio above the ear speakers
      • Includes an extra face-foam in the box
      • Compatible with all Pimax headsets

      Vision Comfort Kit

      • Price: $50
      • Shipping: November 1st
      • Includes a new design of the facial interface that is designed to reduce visual artifacts, Nose Guard to prevent light leakage, and larger soft forehead padding.
      • Supports all Pimax headsets

      10 Meter Extended Length Cable (normal Pimax cable is 5 meters)

      • Price: $99.95 + Shipping
      • Shipping: in November, available for order soon
      • Low impedance extra-long single cable
      • Allows for much wider room scale VR environments
      • DP 1.4 and USB 3

      Lighthouse 2.0 Base Stations

      • Price: $300 deposit, final consumer price N/A
      • Shipping: in 3-4 weeks to those who have ordered them
      • No added charges or shipping costs

      Upgrade Programs

      Pimax is offering a few upgrade programs aimed at keeping their patient backers & pre-order customers happy, including paths to upgrading controllers, basestations, and headsets; this is mostly due to cover for some of the delays in manufacturing.

      Controller Upgrade Program

      Since Pimax’s in-house developed Sword Controllers are officially delayed until March 1st, 2020, and its SteamVR basestations (Sword Sense) until May 1st, 2020, the company is offering one of two options to pre-order customers.

      • Option 1: Receive Valve Index controllers instead, pay the difference plus a small fee. Lead time is 6 weeks to ship. Controllers and Base Stations bundle also translates to a bundle.
      • Option 2: Apply the money backers paid for the Sword controllers (Up to $200 per set) and we will add an additional $50 (up to $250) applied to an 8K+ or 8KX headset.

      Headset Upgrade Program

      Pimax says that customers who already own a “5K” Plus, “5K” XR, or “8K” are going to get a discount that they can then apply to the company’s upcoming “8K” Plus and “8K” X headsets, although they haven’t said how much the discount will be at this time.

      The company will have a dedicated site sometime in October  where backers and pre-order customers can do a number of things such as activate their headset credit, swap for Index Controllers, and get plans to 3D print the Prescription Lens Adapter.

      Pimax community manager Martin Lammi (aka SweViver) held a livestream with company COO Kevin Henderson that dives deeper into each program. You can check out Part 1 and Part 2 for more detailed info on the headsets and upcoming accessories.

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