'Panther VR' Kickstarter Inches Past Funding Goal in Its Final Hours

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Wolfdog Interactive, a Netherlands-based studio known for its work on VR titles Skyworld and VR Dungeon Knight, launched a Kickstarter in September to help fund its next VR game, a stealth-action title called Panther VR. It wasn’t clear if the crowdfunding campaign would be able to inch past the finish line in its last week, but it looks like those fears were for naught.

Update (November 4th, 2019): The Panther VR Kickstarter inched past its funding goal on the 31st, a mere 50 hours before its official close. Now concluded, the Kickstarter comes to a total of €16,246 (~$18,000) over its initial funding goal of €15,000 ($16,500).

Update (October 28th, 2019): The Panther VR Kickstarter is inching towards the finish line at 94 percent funded. The campaign only has 5 days left, and has thus far raised €14,100 (~$15,600) of the total €15,000 ($16,500).

If you’re thinking of supporting the game, definitely don’t miss Cas & Chary’s latest hands-on with Panther VR to get an idea of what’s in store.

Update (October 11th, 2019): The Panther VR Kickstarter has crossed the halfway mark with three weeks remaining. The campaign has raised nearly $10,000 of its $16,500 goal. The studio has also published the game’s Steam page so you can wishlist it if you’d like to keep track on its progress.

Original Article (September 19th, 2019): The studio says Panther VR will be a single-player game that lets you plan out your heist, choose your weapons and gadgets and infiltrate the location, giving you the ultimate choice on how the mission is completed.

The game is said to feature a number of play options including a story-based campaign, object-oriented missions called ‘contracts’, randomly generated missions, and specific community challenges.

The studio has also proposed a currently undefined stretch goal that could possibly bring local co-op mode to the game that focuses on hacking.

Early bird backer tiers are available at €16 (~$18), which gets you a Steam code for when the game hits Early Access sometime in April 2020.

The game is said to support SteamVR-compatible headsets including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, and Windows VR headsets.

Panther VR’s Kickstarter is asking for a total of €15,000 (~$16,600), and will come to a close on November 2nd, 2019.

At the time of this writing, the campaign has gotten to over 12% of the way to its funding goal in the first 24 hours. You can check out the Kickstarter here.

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