New 'Arizona Sunshine' Multiplayer Shooter to Arrive at Nomadic VR Locations Soon – Road to VR

Nomadic, an up and coming location-based VR entertainment facility, today announced that a new sequel to Vertigo Games’ Arizona Sunshine (2016) is coming to their locations sometime this spring.

Named Arizona Sunshine: Rampage, the co-op multiplayer shooter is said to arrive in the company’s debut location in Orlando, Florida, as well as new locations in California, Las Vegas, and “more domestic and international locations to come.”

In Rampage, guests are tasked with re-entering the zombie infested refinery seen in Arizona Sunshine: Contagion Z, a custom-built title for Nomadic based on the popular at-home shooter Arizona Sunshine.

This time however you and your group enter at night through the building’s sewer system, going on to destroy all of the zombies as well as the contaminated cure that accelerated the outbreak.

Nomadic calls Rampage a “darker, grittier, and more intense level” which puts heavy emphasis on the player’s accuracy and ability to drive competition. The game is said to count marksmanship and kill counts, which is pretty much a recipe for bragging rights.

Like other location-based VR locales, Nomadic marries the VR environment with physical objects such as haptic guns, physical props like levers, set design, and environmental effects, effectively letting users walk around untethered to experience a level of immersion not possible with consumer VR systems.

To keep players coming back for more, Rampage is slated to arrive alongside a new ‘virtual goods’ system as well, something that let players purchase digital items such as military, tactical, and vintage style weapon upgrades. The company says each gun has their own unique look and feel, including specific haptic recoils.

The company’s website is currently advertising $20 ticket prices per person for the Orlando location, although according to ticketing page it appears the game is in beta at the moment. Nomadic maintains the sessions typically last 30 minutes, and are intended for users 13 years and up.

The company is currently working on additional experiences for release later this year.

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