Mozilla launches Hello WebXR intro app for WebVR

Mozilla launched a new WebXR app called Hello WebXR, which is compatible with most headsets that use web browsers such as Oculus’s or Google Chrome on PC VR headsets. The app acts as an introductory experience for those who are new to VR, showcasing the different types of content and interactions available on the platform.

The experience will work on any WebXR compatible browser on a headset, including Mozilla’s own VR browser Firefox Reality. Other browsers, such as the Oculus Browser on Oculus Quest or Google Chrome on Oculus Rift, also support WebXR and should work with the Mozilla Hello WebXR site.

The main hall environment is where you start Hello WebXR, and features a bunch of different objects to interact with. You can play the xylophone, look at some paintings, look at a Twitter feed displaying any tweets using #hellowebxr, and even spray some graffiti on the walls. The main hall also has some globes that will transport you to 360 degree panoramic scenes.

Three doors will teleport you from the main hall to other locations, where you can experience positional audio, look at some classic sculptures, and walk around the top floor of a skyscraper.

Mozilla stated in a blog post that they expect the experience to grow over time, and develop it into “a sandbox that we could use to prototype new experiences and interactions.” To try out Hello WebXR for yourself, just head to this page on your WebXR-compatible headset.

This story originally appeared on Uploadvr.com. Copyright 2020

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