Latest Oculus Update Brings Hidden Rift S Tutorial App – Road to VR

Oculus Rift S doesn’t have a launch date yet, although it seems the most recent Oculus software update has brought along with it a few day-one essentials for prospective Rift S owners. Digging through files that came along with the latest update, we found the new Rift S Touch tutorial that you can play through even if you don’t have a Rift S just yet.

Dubbed ‘Oculus First Steps’, the tutorial essentially has the same objective as the one that teaches you how to the use the original Oculus Touch controllers, although it’s decidedly a bit more magical (and possibly even Disney inspired). The last Touch tutorial was all business, so this one comes as a welcome change.

We suspect the ‘Oculus First Steps’ tutorial will automatically follow after a user goes through the initial setup of their Rift S.

Also included in the update is a tantalizing Rift S setup prompt; of course you’ll fail it if you don’t have a Rift S yet, although that won’t stop you from digging through a few folders first to get to the Rift S Touch tutorial.

Here’s the file pathway if you want to see ‘Oculus First Steps’ for yourself:

C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-touch-tutorial\TouchNUX2

Start the Unreal Engine executable named ‘MontereySetup’ in the TouchNUX2 folder (Monterey was the code name for Rift S), and pop on your OG Rift for a peek.

Like on the original Rift, once you’re done with Touch setup, you’re then taken to Oculus First Contact, which in this case is done by placing the First Contact cartridge into the old school console. Because you’re essentially going through the backdoor to get there though, the executable shuts down and you’re left to twiddle your thumbs once more in Oculus Home.

Rift S is set to release sometime this spring for $400, although with specific tutorials already sitting in the wings, that may be sooner rather than later. Facebook F8 is a likely venue for announce of its release, which takes place April 30th to May 1st in San Jose, California.

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