Cyberpunk Adventure 'LOW-FI' to Feature Exclusive Music by GUNSHIP – Road to VR

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Fans of British synthwave band GUNSHIP rejoice: LOW-FI, the upcoming cyberpunk VR game and spiritual successor to TECHNOLUST (2016), is getting an exclusive Gunship EP.

IRIS VR released word in a Kickstarter update this week, revealing that not only will the game feature a number of cool ’80s inspired tracks, but that the campaign now has a number of rewards that fans of the band should appreciate.

Backers of the ‘CYBERPUNK’ tier or above, which starts at $60 CAD (~$45 USD), will receive a digital download of the exclusive GUNSHIP/LOW-FI EP.

Many tiers now feature the ability to enter into a lottery to hang out with Gunship in the social VR platform VRChat too.There’s also a Gunship themed in-game credit, and high resolution GUNSHIP/LOW-FI artwork.

Gunship made this statement in support of the game:

“We  ( GUNSHIP ) are big fans of VR. Like you guys, we grew up reading about cyberspace, the metaverse, the matrix, and more recently the Oasis… . It feels  like a cool thing to do, to help bring this project to your attention  – like  adding a small brick to the big wall of VR gaming progress over history. LOW-FI  is being built by Blair Renaud and his band of VR renegades – these guys were responsible for ‘Technolust’, a game which we all felt was as close to getting inside  Blade Runner as currently possible. We spent a lot of time wandering around in ‘Technolust’ channeling inspiration for tracks like ‘Cyber City’ and ‘Woken  Furies’. LOW-FI is being built with the indie spirit, and we feel that its team are precisely the type of people who will usher in the VR experience which fans of our collective nature & tastes have all been long waiting for. These guys are pioneers, let’s help them push VR forward!  We are hugely excited to channel our years of obsession surrounding dystopian sci-fi narratives and cyberpunk lore into some original music for LOW-FI. It’s going to be FUN, come get involved, maybe we’ll see you in ‘the  platform’…”

The stretch goal was initially unlocked when the campaign passed the $52,000 mark (~$70,000 CAD). Soon after, the campaign also unlocked a stretch goal at $64,000 (~$84,000 CAD) which is slated to bring a new Wastelands area to the game.

At the time of this writing, the project’s campaign is sitting at a little over $64,000 (~$58,000 CAD). Two major stretch goals are still on the horizon, namely a version for the next-gen PSVR at $256,000 (~$380,000 CAD) and an Oculus Quest version at $600,000 (~$780,000 CAD).

There’s still a few more unrevealed stretch goals on the horizon though, so there’s no telling what cybernetic implant madness IRIS VR has up its duster coat’s sleeves.

Make sure to check out the Kickstarter here.

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