Critically Acclaimed Rhythm Action Game 'Thumper' is Coming to Quest at Launch – Road to VR

Oculus announced that Thumper (2016), the popular rhythm-action game, is officially coming to Quest at launch.

The company released the news via a blog post as a part of their on-going ‘Quest Countdown’; exactly when the clock is supposed to strike zero, we’re not sure. Oculus still hasn’t appended a launch date to Quest, its $400 standalone VR headset.

Thumper first landed on PS4 and PC back in October 2016, which included optional VR support for headsets such as PSVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. It then went on to release on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One a year later. Most recently, Thumper was released on iOS and Android in its ‘Pocket Edition’, and on Oculus Go, the company’s 3DOF standalone headset.

“When we first starting prototyping Thumper way back in 2009, gaming VR was just a sci-fi fantasy,” explains Drool designer Marc Flury. “We didn’t realize our psychedelic space beetle experience would feel so perfect in VR. With a fully standalone device like Oculus Quest, the dream feels complete. Now anyone can experience Thumper in VR with no fuss and no compromise.”

The game has garnered plenty of success in its three years of existence, rating ‘Very Positive’ on Steam and commanding a strong [4.5/5] stars on the Oculus Store. Thumper also boasts a near [5/5] star rating on the PlayStation Store.

The studio hasn’t confirmed cross-buy with Rift just yet, although we’re certainly hoping for it.

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