'Blaston' Gets New Game Mode, Passthrough AR Support on Quest & More in 'Arctic Blast' Update – Road to VR

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Blaston (2020) is getting an update today that will bring a few new things to the futuristic 1v1 dueling game from Resolution Games, including a new dueling mode, character, arena and a passthrough AR mode on Quest.

Called ‘Arctic Blast’, the free update launching today adds a new mode to the game that lets you compete using randomly assigned weapon loadouts. The twist? Loadouts are identical for each dueler, which eliminates any material advantage on either side and reduces gameplay to pure skill.

The artic-themed content drop doesn’t stop there though. Starting today you’ll be able to choose a new ‘Arctic Resort’ arena, and use a new ‘Tundra’ ice cannon weapon which interrupts an opponent’s attack and temporarily restricts their vision.

The update also brings a new legendary skin, called ‘FrostSpyke’, which is for FrostByte snowball.

A new character named ‘Shoxx’ is also available, the game’s first emotive character that changes facial expression during wins, losses, hits and more.

Additionally, now in the ‘Knockout!’ tournament room you’ll be able to host your own matches, which includes the ability to set up single elimination bracket tournaments of up to eight players.

Meta’s passthrough API lets developers update their games to include an augmented reality view, enabled by Quest’s tracking sensors. In the Artic Blast update, Blaston is getting passthrough AR.

Blaston requires you to physically move around within a set boundary as you shoot and avoid oncoming bullets, so the passthrough function makes a lot of sense since the action is primarily focused on your opponent.

Granted, Meta Quest has recently gotten an feature in software update v34 called Space Sense that alerts you when someone or something has come into your play area, but it’s still nice to have a fairly clear view of your surroundings so you can be sure you’re not dodging or ducking into unaware bystanders.

Blaston’s Arctic Blast update is available for free starting today to current owners on Meta Quest and SteamVR headsets.

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