'Beat Saber' Update for Quest 2 Unlocks 90Hz Support – Road to VR

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One of Oculus Quest 2’s biggest titles, Beat Saber, just released support for the headset’s more immersive 90Hz refresh rate.

At launch in mid-October, Oculus Quest 2 featured an opt-in experimental 90Hz mode which only applied to the headset’s menus.

A month later, Facebook brought the more immersive 90Hz refresh rate to Quest 2’s system software, and started to allow developers to update their apps to run at 90Hz—provided they could hit a consistent 90 fps. When not run in 90Hz mode, Quest 2 also displays in 72Hz and 80Hz, which depends on individual developers to support or optimize.

With the launch of 90Hz support on Beat Saber for Quest 2, Facebook’s Beat Games also added Oculus ‘Group Launch’ to the game on Quest, so users can directly launch into multiplayer from an Oculus Party. The studio also added a toggle to enable ‘Joinable Oculus Rich Presence‘ whilst in multiplayer, which Beat Games says lets Oculus users launch the game directly onto your private server.

Beat Games previously launched multiplayer mode back in October on PC VR headsets and Oculus Quest. The studio says it’s currently finalizing multiplayer on PSVR, and it “should be ready for testing next week.”

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