In 2020, CX will double revenue and disrupt entire industries

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In 2020, customer experience (CX) will be what makes you — or breaks you. It has emerged as the most important competitive differentiator, above price or convenience, and that shows no signs of changing. In fact, as consumers get comfortable with having their expectations met, and then exceeded, they’ll only expect more.

Technology has evolved in response to deliver exactly that: the kind of customer service that proves to be a total differentiator, both from your competitors and in your industry. AI-powered customer engagement platforms deliver the always-available self-service that customers are looking for and shepherd them seamlessly through their engagement with your brand, from smart chatbots to handoff to a live person when necessary. There, technology arms your customer service representatives with the knowledge they need to understand a problem and unlock a solution more efficiently than ever.

As the technology gains traction, your ability to reach, engage, and retain customers will grow.

How are you going to deliver in the upcoming year? And what innovations will your competitors be putting in place? The upcoming year will mark the start of the customer service and experience revolution, and it will set the stage for the next decade.

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