How To Get Star Trek Bridge Crew On Oculus Quest For Just $10

Star Trek Bridge Crew surprise launched for Oculus Quest yesterday for $30. But currently there is a way to get the game much cheaper.

This method works because Ubisoft directly sells Rift keys for the game, and the Quest version supports cross-buy with the Rift version.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew also supports full cross-play, so you can actually put together a crew with friends or strangers from Quest, Rift, SteamVR, and PlayStation VR. This is enabled by the Ubisoft network — you need to sign in to Ubisoft to play the game.

We gave the game 8/10 in our review, calling it “a triumphant recreation of what it means to be on the bridge of an Enterprise-caliber ship from the classic sci-fi universe“. At $10 on Quest, we might put it in the must-buy category.

Buy The Rift Game And DLC From Ubisoft

The first step is to purchase the game and DLC, for Rift, from Ubisoft.

Star Trek Bridge Crew on Ubisoft Store

Star Trek Bridge Crew: The Next Generation DLC on Ubisoft Store

You need the DLC too because otherwise the Quest version will cost $10 itself. If you’re having trouble adding the DLC to cart, make sure you click ‘Extensions’.

This will total to $12.49, but you can get it down to $10 by entering the discount code EXTRA20.

Redeem The Keys For Rift

Now that you have the keys, you need to redeem them for Rift. Don’t worry, you don’t actually need an Oculus Rift or even the Oculus PC app.

Since the Oculus phone app supports Rift now, you can use it to redeem the keys. Make sure the app is in Rift mode by selecting it in the top left (in the Home tab).

Now click on the Settings tab and scroll down to Redeem Code. Enter the base game key first, then the DLC.

Download The Quest Version Via Cross-Buy

Since Bridge Crew supports free cross-buy from Rift to Quest if you own the game and The Next Generation DLC, you can now redeem and download the game for Quest!

Simply change your Oculus app back to Quest mode and search for Bridge Crew. You’ll see it show as FREE, and you can now download and play!

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