Fantastic PS4 And Xbox One Controllers Get Some Sweet Discounts

If you’re looking for a new fighting game controller or even a pad that works great with Xbox’s Project xCloud streaming service, then you’re in luck. Amazon is currently featuring discounts on some fantastic Razer controllers, all of which come with free Prime shipping and can arrive as early as tomorrow, depending on where you live. There’s no set date for when these deals end, and Amazon is known to change its prices unexpectedly, so if you’re interested, be sure to snag them before they go back to their regular prices.

Razer’s PS4 fight pad the Razer Raion is $80 (was $100), while the Xbox One’s Razer Atrox fight stick is $180 (was $200). And lastly, the Razer Raiju Mobile controller is only $97.95 (was $150) and works great with xCloud and PC games.

Razer Raion fight pad for PS4, PC

$80 (was $100)

The Razer Raion is one of the best PS4 controllers out there, as it features a fantastic D-pad, great buttons, and switches that let you perform every function a regular DualShock 4 can. This means you don’t have to keep a second controller nearby if you want to access certain menus or use the right stick.

Razer Raiju Mobile for PC, Android, iOS

$97.95 (was $150)

The Razer Raiju Mobile is one of the best controllers for Project xCloud, as it comes with everything you need to play Xbox One games on your Android device. It features every button and function the standard Xbox One controller has as well as extra remappable buttons and a built-in phone clip. You can also use this controller on PC with all of your games and iOS devices with compatible games. Unfortunately, Apple devices do not support Project xCloud.

Razer Atrox for Xbox One, Xbox Series X

$180 (was $200)

The Razer Atrox is a great fight stick and one of the best Xbox One controllers, thanks to its excellent joystick, great buttons, and removable USB cable. This makes the Atrox great for travel, as the cable can be detached and stored safely–unlike Razer’s PS4 fight stick, the Panthera Evo. It’s also moddable, so you can easily upgrade or replace parts.

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