Facebook Connect Today: Start Time And How To Watch The Oculus Quest 2's Likely Reveal'

Facebook is preparing its next Facebook Connect, which it dubs the “biggest AR/VR conversation of the year.” The all-day event will feature panels and speakers on topics as diverse as VR storytelling, hosting live events, and the potential of VR for social impact. The day will end with a talk from developer John Carmack, followed by an after party performance by Jaden Smith. We’re also likely to see a new Oculus VR device.

The announcements are most likely to take place during the keynote, which will kick off at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. We’ve already gotten some idea of what to expect due to leaks, but be sure to tune in to see all the announcements firsthand and live.

Facebook Connect Event Start Time


  • 10 AM PT on September 16
  • 1 PM ET on September 16


  • 6 PM BST on September 16


  • 3 AM AET on September 17

How To Watch The Facebook Connect Event Live

Facebook will broadcast its Facebook Connect event through the official site, along with videos on demand. That’s also where you’ll find the full speaker list, complete with times for each speaker.

What To Expect From Facebook Connect

A few of the big announcements appear to have leaked ahead of Facebook Connect. Namely, we’ve seen leaks for the Oculus Quest 2, the next generation of the company’s untethered VR device. We’ve also seen reports of a new Splinter Cell game for Oculus VR. Those are two likely announcements to keep an eye out for during the event, but there may be more yet to come.

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