Why We Need More Console Games On Mobile

Mobile gaming had a wildly successful year in 2019. Some of the best selling and most downloaded games came out and help push the industry forward even more. There is a shift happening with mobile gaming as more and more high quality games are being released. These have polished gameplay, outstanding graphics and a lot of depth to them to keep enticing players. One of the biggest reasons for the advance in mobile gaming is console games coming over to mobile platforms and if the industry wants to keep thriving, it should continue to port over fan favorites for a new era of gaming.

Console games coming to mobile platforms is a good idea for a few reasons. The console games already have a built-in fanbase, it helps bring in more quality games to mobile devices and lets fans have another way of playing some of their favorite games while opening them to a larger audience than ever before. Mobile phones are basically a necessity in today’s world and mobile gaming is a massive industry that will continue to expand as more and more quality titles are being released. Developers could help capitalize on the mobile gaming boom by porting over some beloved console games.

Some of the best mobile games out there are console ports or titles directly related such as Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile. Both of these games bring high quality graphics, great game design and well developed gameplay. Because of this they became some of the highest grossing and most downloaded mobile games of 2019. These types of titles could help propel the mobile gaming industry forward and show that quality titles with engaging gameplay can not only work but be wildly successful. It would help diversify the mobile gaming industry that largely relied on simple gameplay designed to keep players interested for a few moments without much depth to them. Adding more console ports could continue to help change that.

An important part to note is console games porting over can have similar, if not identical, gameplay as before. Look at certain mobile games that started out as console titles such as Fortnite, PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile. Not only did these titles have massive fanbases coming from consoles but their gameplay is extremely solid and plays pretty much like the console versions. If things were simplified or key elements to the gameplay were removed, these types of titles might not have succeeded. Since they do retain similar gameplay, it provides a better mobile gaming experience and more depth than ever before to the mobile industry.

Unfortunately, mobile gaming still has a lot of ground to make up to win over more “traditional gamers” but with these new console titles coming over, the gap as shortened. These games have been some of the best to ever come to mobile devices. They have broken records for downloads/sales and helped evolve the mobile gaming industry. Not only are these console titles nice to have for mobile, they can be seen as a necessity and should be high priority moving forward for mobile gaming.

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