Warzone VR Coming to PlayStation VR Tomorrow With Aim Controller Support

Sinn Studio, the Canadian indie developer behind Wraith and The Perfect Sniper released first-person shooter (FPS)  Warzone VR into Steam Early Access in January, supporting the usual PC VR headsets. A PlayStation VR port always touted and tomorrow it’ll arrive.

Warzone VR is a multiplayer shooter with support for single-player with bots. Offering players the choice of PlayStation Aim and DualShock 4 controller options, a new trailer dropped via PSVR Without Parole’s PlayStation VR Awards Show. The PC version offers cross-platform gameplay although the developer hasn’t confirmed if the PlayStation VR version does.

Featuring a selection of maps including your standard desert and snow-filled environments, Warzone VR has a range of modes available including Solo, Team, Roam and Practice. With a selection of realistic weaponry, players can mix up the gameplay by accessing vehicles to navigate around the maps or simply drive into any unlucky opponents.

Winning matches will net players cash which they can they use in the shop to customise their characters with new weapon loadouts, offering new strategic options depending on preference.

 is up against some fierce competition from the likes of other multiplayer shooters like First Contact Entertainment’s five-star rated Firewall Zero Hour or Archiact’s Evasion. 

Warzone VR will be available in North America and Europe on 15th October. For further updates on the title from Sinn Studio, keep reading VRFocus.

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