Twitch’s Content Categories Have Gone To War Against Each Other

Twitch’s content creators have become increasingly polarized as of late, namely due to the tension caused by the platform’s inconsistent approach towards bans. Streamers seem to be dropping off of Twitch left and right, either from suspensions or deals made with other platforms such as Mixer, YouTube, or Facebook.

The lull in Twitch’s success has birthed conflict across its content categories. Streamers feel uneasy about their own job safety and have turned critical towards opposing personalities on the platform. Here are some of the most interesting examples of cross-category warring that occurred over the past month.

Twitch's Content Categories Scuffle

AmericanDad Upset The Bodypainting Community

Fortnite streamer AmericanDad recently took to Twitter with a comedic sketch that bashed Twitch’s inconsistent approach on enforcing bans. Within the short video, AmericanDad poked fun at body-painters and “Just Chatting” streamers, implying that they have it easier due to the bias of Twitch’s staff.

Although the criticism was directed at Twitch itself, this didn’t stop the internet from getting out their soapboxes. Multiple prominent personalities from the “Art” category who specialize in body-painting took up arms against AmericanDad, implying that his jokes were misleading and misogynistic.

Another body-painter and Twitch streamer known as “Intraventus” also replied to AmericanDad’s sketch, stating, “Except Bodypainting is actually art and we do a lot of preparation before stream so this doesn’t happen. Also our bodies aren’t inherently sexual. I’m tired of people stuck on their misogynistic views and perpetuating it under the guise of self righteousness. Stop being toxic.”

Overall, it seems that the parody was successful, considering the amount of discourse it caused. The best way to break down issues on the platform is to prompt open discussion about them – and right now there are shots being fired from both sides.

Dr Disrespect Took A Shot At Twitch’s Content

Commenting on the state of Twitch and the quality of its content, Dr Disrespect didn’t waste his time mincing words.

The Doc clearly feels that the content on the platform is lackluster of late, and many believe his anger to be directed at the new “react-meta” that has been popularized on the platform.

This react-meta is led by personalities such as xQc, who have dedicated large portions of their stream to reacting to other people’s content. This type of content is predicated on similar YouTube content – the easiest comparison being many of PewDiePie’s reaction videos.

Dr Disrespect is known to believe strongly in old-school Twitch content – either gameplay with an entertaining personality behind the chair, or just high-level gameplay in general. The last thing you can expect The Doc to appreciate is an Alinity “Just Chatting” stream.

Wubby Went After Twitch Staff And Other Streamers

PayMoneyWubby experienced a stressful week when he was abruptly banned from the platform for allegedly lying (he didn’t) to a restaurant manager about streaming. Due to a privacy concern, Wubby’s stream was taken down and he was banned. While the misunderstanding was foreseeable, the subsequent ghosting of the streamer wasn’t.

Wubby showed clear discontent at the viewing of a recent Twitch ad, which made light of invading the privacy of a pizza delivery man – the same reason Wubby was told he was banned for.

Not stopping at Twitch, Wubby went after his fellow streamers as well. Yes, he made an obligatory joke about Twitch’s affinity for partnering scantily-clad female partners, but he also went further, criticizing multiple unnamed streamers for not agreeing to come forward with statements against the platform’s poor handling of suspensions.

All-in-all, the tension on Twitch seems to be overflowing lately. Many believe that Twitch is struggling with poor management regarding suspensions – the root cause of many content creators’ feuds across the platform. A new year is just around the corner and hopefully Twitch wakes up to its issues and makes the changes it needs for a great 2020. As for now, fingers crossed that any jabs between streamers of all categories stay on the lighthearted side.

Sources: Twitter, Reddit

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