Twisted Metal Deserves To Make Another Appearance On PlayStation

It is a pure tragedy that Twisted Metal has slipped away with the passage of time. The last Twisted Metal game came out in 2012, but it has not been forgotten. Debatably one of the most unique game franchises of all time, Twisted Metal combines driving, shooting, and terrifying clown villains into one beautiful nightmare of an experience. I’ve yet to play another game that has come close to the dark quirkiness of Twisted Metal, and the gaming world is lacking from its disappearance.

Sure, there have been a whole host of vehicular combat games since then, from Carmageddon to GRIP, but they don’t have that same sinister feel that we got to experience in Twisted Metal. The following are just some of the reasons that Sony needs to bring back Twisted Metal and release another game for the PS5.

It Wasn’t Just About Cars—The Story Was Intriguing

If we look at the plot for the 2012 game, Twisted Metal is broken down into several character arcs. Each character desires to find Calypso, who can supposedly grant any wish to the winner of the Twisted Metal tournament.

One of the characters includes Sweet Tooth, a serial killer who used to be a family man that worked out of an ice cream truck. He developed Dissociative Identity Disorder and slaughtered his whole family, except for his daughter that got away. He enters the Twisted Metal tournament in hopes that Calypso will send him to wherever his daughter is hiding. Another character you play as is Daniel Grimm, who wants Calypso to send him back in time so that he can prevent his father, a stunt performer, from taking part in the stunt that led to his death.

The backstories of these characters are not what I would call “in-depth,” but certainly intriguing. Not to mention, sometimes it’s great to not have to play as normal, good-hearted protagonists.

The Soundtrack Is Badass

Honestly, they could not have done a better job with the soundtrack. Given the plot, characters, and gameplay, the epic metal music that goes along with it was the perfect finishing touch to bring all the aspects together and form a horrifying masterpiece.

The Characters Were The Furthest Thing From Plain

From the psycho killer, Sweet Tooth, whose head is always on fire to Dollface, an insane woman who desires revenge after having a mask nailed onto her face, the main characters in Twisted Metal do not even slightly resemble your classic protagonists. This is a welcomed aspect, after playing 99% of video games as your average “good guy.”

The Gameplay Was Chaotic—But Fun

Jamming to metal music while flying around in my armored car and blowing stuff up is an experience I will always cherish. It was amazing at the time, but with even better graphics, I can only imagine the kinds of weapons, explosions, maps, bosses, and more that they could come up with. It wasn’t just driving around and shooting stuff—actual strategy was needed for some of these levels, especially when trying to take down the Juggernaut or the Iron Maiden. Not to mention, this game is fun as hell to play on co-op mode with a friend.

Twisted Metal: Black Was One Of The Darkest Games To Date

I’m not sure how many people realize just how dark this particular installment of Twisted Metal was. It should absolutely be a top contender for the darkest game out there, considering it includes the drowning of babies, cannibalism, Nazi terrorists, experimentation, and more. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and it’s ridiculously over the top when it comes to violence and the darker side of humanity, but that’s why I love it. There are plenty of darker games out there, but none that are dark in quite this way, so there is most certainly room to welcome another over-the-top game like this onto the PS5.

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