The VR Game Launch Roundup: Spiders, Dragons & Ship Exploration

Here are four brand new indie virtual reality (VR) titles due for release over the final week of January 2020. Make sure to check out the accompanying YouTube video to get a full preview of each videogame. All CES-related content will continue to be released over the course of next week, featuring exclusive interviews and insights of various new and exciting VR and AR products from many of the industry’s best and brightest innovators.

Dragonride VR – TypeEh Studios

Zoom through the skies of three different interactive fantasy worlds in DragonRide VR. With a range of different comfort modes, users can complete time challenges, shoot targets and cast magic spells while exploring land, sea and air. Developed and published by indie game company TypeEh Studios.

  • Supported platforms: Valve Index, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
  • Launch date: 31st January

Spider Fear – Tinarastic Game Studio

Developed and published by indie studio Tinarastic Game Studio, Vive and Index users can grab a sword to fight and defend themselves from the fangs of these vicious arachnids as you brave your way through various dank and uninviting locations.

  • Supported platforms: Valve Index and HTC Vive
  • Launch date: 28th January

Ship Surveyor Through the Ages – VR – Volume Ltd.

Published by The Lloyd’s Register Foundation Heritage & Education Centre – a UK-based maritime archive, you act as a surveyor to explore various ships throughout history in VR. Against the clock, users must navigate through faithfully recreated environments to identify various faults onboard three different historical vessels.

  • Supported platforms: HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality
  • Launch date: 29th January

StellarX – OVA

New from indie studio OVA, users can work to create any VR learning or training simulator from scratch. Without any coding skills required, create scenarios by simply dragging and dropping components into place to build up and personalise any space with a library of different objects and features. Also coming soon, is the ability to share your spaces in multiplayer mode.

  • Supported platforms: HTC Vive
  • Launch date: 25th January

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