The Biggest Gaming News For February 16, 2022

If you're passionate about video game preservation then today's news may be upsetting to you. Alongside the news that Nintendo is shutting down the Wii U and 3DS/DS eShops, we also got confirmation that The Last of Us TV show won't be here until 2023 and that No Man's Sky players have a bunch of new stuff to play around with. More info is below.

Nintendo Ending Support Of Its Wii U And 3DS Eshops Between Now And March 2023

A bunch of Wii U and DS games are unfortunately going to vanish at some point between now and March as Nintendo plans to shut down both the Wii U and 3DS eShops. This means that players will no longer be able to purchase any digital-only games on either system, including several hundred retro titles that are available on virtual consoles. Sony tried to pull a similar stunt in 2021, although quickly reversed its decision after backlash. Only time will tell if Nintendo does the same.

The Last Of Us TV Show To Premiere In 2023

In other disappointing news, HBO Max chief content officer Casey Bloys confirmed that the upcoming The Last of Us TV show won't be premiering in 2022 like many had thought. While it was never confirmed for 2022, many expected the show to drop at some point this year after several hints from people surrounding its production, including Ellie actor Bella Ramsey. Bloys explains that the show will instead premiere in 2023 as filming in Canada is still underway.

No Man's Sky Launches Sentinel Update With Improved Combat And New Enemies

At least No Man's Sky fans have a reason to be happy as a new free update for the game dropped today, introducing new enemies and combat tweaks to what continues to be a very impressive project. Players will be able to download this update for free on whichever platform they choose and can also expect a new expedition to drop at some point next week as well. You can read a full breakdown of everything the Sentinel update added here.

EA Reflects On Battlefield 2042 Failure, Blames Working From Home And Halo Infinite

Even the most dedicated Battlefield fan will admit that Battlefield 2042's launch has been abysmal, and publisher EA has been trying to explain why today. Among the reasons EA gave, the pandemic was cited as the main cause of the game's rocky performance, claiming that employees working from home has had a significant impact on development. The publisher also claimed that the polish of Halo Infinite – which launched at the same time – made the game's already negative reception much worse.

Sony To Plant Trees For Horizon Forbidden West Players Who Earn A Certain Trophy

Finally, we have a feel-good story to round things out today, with Sony's announcement of a collaboration with the reforestation charity Arbor Day Foundation. As part of the collaboration, Sony is planning to plant three trees for every Horizon Forbidden West player who earns the "Reaching the Daunt" trophy before March 23. Sony aims to plant 288,000 trees during that time frame, and considering how popular the Horizon series is, it's unlikely it won't reach that target.

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