Temtem: What To Do After You’ve Done Everything In Early Access

So you’ve finished the content that Temtem currently has to offer… Now what?

The Early Access for Temtem is reaching its one month mark and by now a lot of the community is approaching the current endpoint for what the game offers so far. Just because you can’t progress in the story doesn’t mean there isn’t still a lot for you to accomplish. Let’s break down some of the options open to you once you reach that point.

More Quests More Loot

Even though you reached the end of the story there is still plenty more questing to do in the form of side quests. You’ve likely ran into some along the way, but unless you have explored every house on every island then there is likely a quest or two you have missed. For instance if you talk to Tarlae in Omninesia you can tell her about your travels for the ‘Travel Writer’ quest and receive the Lure, Hand Fan, and Coat. These are three powerful items you may have just left waiting. There are other quests like this scattered throughout the various towns and villages. Go explore.

Aside from quests there are other treasures scattered in boxes and hidden in things like trash cans around the Archipelago Islands. Dyes, boosters, powerful Technique Courses and other consumables are among the things available to you and some of them are well worth seeking out.

Catch What You Can

While not all of the creatures in Temtem are currently available there are still plenty to go after. You may have caught a lot but now you can take the time to go back for any you may have missed. There are a handful of rarer Temtem that you could easily have passed by that might be powerful additions to your team. After you have caught what is available there are also plenty of Temtem you can only obtain by evolving, breeding, or through a mysterious shrine.

If you are looking for something more exclusive you can try your hand at Luma hunting. Luma Temtem are special glowing variants of Temtem, much like ‘Shiny’ Pokémon. A Luma Temtem can appear in any encounter with wild Tems. It is only a 1/6000 chance you will find one so the key is patience, persistence, and a little luck.

Forge The Perfect Team

If you are looking to get competitive while you wait for new content then now is the time to start working on getting your dream team together. Once you decide which Tems that team consists of, then it is time to get to breeding. Through breeding you can get Temtem with perfect SV which will provide it with the best possible stats for that evolutionary line. Temtem can also receive exclusive Egg Moves, techniques not normally obtainable from that species.

Once you have your team together and leveled up (the current max level in game is 48), you can try your hand in some fights. Both casual and competitive duels are currently in game and there will be no shortage of tamers looking for PVP. If the people you find are busy try joining Temtem’s official Discord. It is a large and lively community full of active tamers.

Work On Yourself

Temtem has an array of customizable cosmetics and dyes to put on them. While you wait for new content why not make yourself look the way you want? Explore the various clothing shops on the islands and see what suits you. Many cosmetic items can be quite expensive though, so don’t forget to stock up on some pansuns.

If you want to get a steady flow of pansuns started then check out FreeTem. FreeTem will give you money in exchange for releasing Tems you have caught back to the wild. This is the most consistent way to make money, and there is a reward for releasing a certain number of Temtems each week. While the auction house isn’t currently in game there is still a large market on Discord for people looking to buy and sell items, perfect Tems, as well as Lumas. It is as good a time as ever to engage with the community while you wait for new content to be released.

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