Step Into the Jungle With Tarzan VR’s new Mixed Reality Trailer

It has been some months since VRFocus last heard about Stonepunk Studios’ upcoming virtual reality (VR) title Tarzan VR. Leveraging the iconic IP into VR for the very first time, publisher Fun Train has just released a brand new mixed reality (MR) trailer giving a better look at the gameplay.

Currently in development for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index, Tarzan VR looks to emulate the physical heroics the character is known for, whether that’s swinging gracefully through the trees or getting involved in some hand to hand combat.

As you’ll see in the trailer you wash up on a jungle covered island with all sorts of secrets hidden within. Straight into some vine swinging, the motion looks smooth and steady so it hopefully should comfortable – never easy to tell from a video. There’s going to be plenty of melee combat knocking out enemies and even being able to throw them.

The physical gameplay doesn’t stop there as there are going to be swimming sections plus you’ll be able to climb the environment – you are Tarzan after all – scaling trees for a better vantage point for example. You’ll also have access to bows, slingshots and other weapons to help fight those mercenary looking dudes.

Originally slated for a 2019 release, Tarzan VR is now expected to arrive later this year. In exactly the same fashion as Fun Train’s other VR title The Exorcist: Legion VR, Tarzan VR will be an episodic release to pace out the story whilst introducing new gameplay mechanics with each issue. So you can purchase the first instalment and then buy more if you so wish.

As Tarzan you’ll also be gifted with special abilities such as Call of the Wild and Earth Vision, the former can summon allies including local wildlife to aid you. The latter enables you to easily track your enemies our locate new paths through the jungle.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Tarzan VR as development continues, reporting back with the latest updates.
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