Spatial Expands Social Workspace Into Mobile AR

The collaborative meeting tool Spatial launched earlier this year, connecting people across the world in immersive rooms whether they had an Oculus Quest, HoloLens, Magic Leap or simply via the web. Today, the company has launched its augmented reality (AR) app for mobile devices for even easier remote access.

With the rollout of native Android and iOS support, not only can colleagues or friends meet up virtually, the meeting room with its various interactive boards, 3D models and avatars all appear within a users real-world environment.

Allowing simultaneous collaboration between all supported platforms, the mobile version of Spatial includes automatic camera switching to see who’s talking. It also features a mobile-centric UI allowing a mobile avatar to move and interact with models, documents or videos as if they were in VR.

“This is a huge step for spatial computing and for us in solidifying our leadership as the leading AR/VR collaboration tool on the market today,” said Anand Agarawala, Co-founder and CEO of Spatial in a statement. “Previously only people with a headset could experience the true magic of Spatial but we wanted anyone to be able to take advantage of it. Now, you simply hold up your phone and for the first time ever can become an active part of any virtual meeting and see life-like avatars of coworkers or friends right in your living room.”

“Our mobile and web apps offer the perfect gateway experience for those that want to try out the benefits of connecting more deeply with remote friends, family or colleagues but without the upfront financial commitment of a headset”, continued Jinha Lee, Co-founder and CPO of Spatial. “The Quest 2 is projected to sell up to 6 million devices in its first year but we can bring Spatial for free to billions of users on mobile. The phone is where AR will thrive first and we’re capitalizing on this trend today. We expect that some users will go on to a fully immersive headset experience as hardware continues to become more affordable for the mass market.”

Just like the other versions, Spatial is free for iOS and Android to get you started. There are Pro and Enterprise options for businesses starting from $20 USD per user/per month adding further features. For more Spatial updates, keep reading VRFocus.
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