Sonic The Hedgehog Wasn’t A Sonic Movie At All

Sonic the Hedgehog is doing really well at the box office right now, but maybe the main reason for that is because it isn’t really a Sonic movie at all.

Sonic the Hedgehog enjoyed a better opening weekend than anyone could have imagined. $57 million in ticket sales at the US box office is better than any other video game-themed movie has managed on its opening weekend. A far cry from the backlash Paramount and Sega received in 2019 for the ill-thought-out original design of the blue hedgehog.

When a studio decides to make a movie about a well-established character, it has to tread a very thin line should it want to achieve success. While it will want to attract as many movie-goers as possible, it will also not want to deviate from why the character and its universe’s fanbase love it so much as to alienate and annoy them. Again, we direct your attention to movie Sonic’s original design.

In terms of the line Sonic the Hedgehog‘s creators decided to tread for this particular movie, turns out they were pretty brave. It could be argued by hardened Sonic fans that Sonic the Hedgehog isn’t a Sonic movie at all. Yes, it might feature the beloved blue blur, but it’s closer to the tried and true formula of an alien lifeform bonding with a human so the latter can save the former, and maybe even the world in the process.

We’re not saying Sonic the Hedgehog is 2020’s answer to ET, but it might be closer to ET than it is the Sonic video games. A Sonic movie rooted in the video games that made the hedgehog famous would have focused around the eternal struggle between Sonic and Dr. Robotnik over their world’s Chaos Emeralds. It would have also featured more of the characters from the franchise. Yes, we got Tails at the very end, but only if you stuck around for the credits.

Fans need look no further than Detective Pikachu for an example of a video game to movie transformation that immerses itself in the universe. Not only is the movie based on a storyline that takes place in the games, but there’s a new Pokémon to see every time the characters turn a corner. Streamer and creator of Sonic FanDubs Penny Parker probably sums it up best in the tweet above: Sonic the Hedgehog is 20% Sonic and 80% The Smurfs/Alvin and the Chipmunks. Sonic fans might not like that balance, but clearly, it works.

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