See New Screens (And Cool Throwback Box Art) For Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake was undoubtedly one of the most talked-about titles from the Tokyo Game Show, due in no small part to a cool trailer and live stage presentation that revealed all sorts of new details. Part of that demo included a battle with Abzu, which showcased elements like limit breaks and summons. Today, Square Enix released footage of that sequence, which you can watch right here:

Square Enix also revealed the box art for Final Fantasy VII Remake (pictured below). It’s a throwback to the Final Fantasy VII’s classic cover from when the game released on the original PlayStation. 

Lastly, you can feast your eyes upon a new batch of gorgeous screenshots, which show off combat, environments, and more.

For more on Final Fantasy VII Remake, watch us play through the full E3 demo. The game (which is the first installment of a multi-part retelling of Final Fantasy VII) releases on March 3, 2020 for PlayStation 4.

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