See In Death: Unchained’s ‘Siege Of Heaven’ Wave Shooter Mode in Action

For those Oculus Quest owners who love bow shooters Superbright’s In Death: Unchained is one of the best examples on the platform. Today the studio has released its first DLC ‘Siege of Heaven’ and VRFocus has got plenty of gameplay so you can see what’s in store.

Unlike the main portion of In Death: Unchained which is a rogue-lite shooter giving you free rein to explore the procedurally generated levels, the new DLC takes a classic wave shooter approach. But rather than putting you right in the action, you’re safely situated on an elevated platform to take down all the various enemies.

Currently, there are three areas to choose from, each not only offering a different aesthetic but also varying scoring opportunities. The waves work in a similar fashion to tower defence titles, where the enemies spawn from specific locations with the intention of making it to the giant, angelic-looking exit. Should enough get through then it’s game over.

Bow in hand you need to kill everything, with headshots offering instant kills whilst body shots do reduced damage. Siege of Heaven is all about getting those high scores so you can place on the global leaderboards, with plenty of ways to maximise those points. Longshots, multi-kills, gap shots and other combos all stack up, in turn allowing you to buy useful arrows to lay traps, slow enemies or blow them up.

If you already own In Death: Unchained then you’ll just need to update the videogame as the DLC is free.

VRFocus gave In Death: Unchained a four-star review, saying: “For those that have played the original, In Death: Unchained isn’t a massive change with the main bonus being the wireless freedom Oculus Quest provides as well as the new Abyss area. If you happen to be new to the franchise and a fan of bow videogames like Apex Construct then In Death: Unchained   shouldn’t be overlooked.”

Check out the In Death: Unchained ‘Siege of Heaven’ DLC gameplay below. For further updates keep reading VRFocus.
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