Reasons You Haven’t Considered That Prove Skyrim Is Better Than Real Life

It’s been hammered into the ground time and time again that certain RPGs, such as Skyrim, are much better to live in than reality. We all know that the world is generally aesthetically pleasing, there are usually fascinating magical creatures to look at, and being immersed in an adventure story is more entertaining than real life. But there are also other reasons why living in Skyrim is superior to living in real life.

Awake For 3738 hours, Well-Rested After A Nap

I don’t know about everyone else, but sometimes I loathe the fact that I must sleep. Whether I want to work, chill after work, play games, read, or write, my body’s need for sleep always gets in the way. Not only that, but if I force myself to stay up, I just spend the whole time feeling guilty and stressed out about the fact that I should be sleeping. In Skyrim, I could stay awake for a year straight, and if I want to feel a little more “on my A-game,” I can just take a quick nap for a well-rested bonus.

If You Just Do Someone A Couple Favors, They Will Marry You

Dating is a pain. It can be great, but it’s a pain. Not to mention, sometimes people get stuck pining over others that they can’t ever have. Not in Skyrim! Simply do someone a few favors and you are guaranteed to have them linked to you for the rest of your life, if you so desire.

Your Accomplishments Are Actually Impressive

Okay, maybe some of us have amazing accomplishments that we love to show off. But I tend to think “Dragonborn who saved the world, Arch-Mage of Winterhold,” and “Guild Master” sound more impressive than “won a spelling bee once, got a college degree,” and got a cool job.” Not only does this sound much cooler, but you don’t even need to build a resume as a plea for people to pay you in Skyrim anyway!

You Can Kill Anyone Who Pisses You Off, With Minor Consequences

Is someone you must see every day irritating you? Simply get rid of them! Unlike in real life where you just get to suck it up, in Skyrim you can simply eliminate them in one fell swoop. The best part is that afterwards, you can either pay a quick fine (of which isn’t too expensive) or serve very minimal jailtime, and then you’re in the clear to do it again with the next person who annoys you.

You Can Actually Make Money And Keep It For Yourself

Maybe my “inner millennial” is showing here, but it seems that no matter how much I work or how hard I try to build up savings, it all goes out the window to loans, rent, taxes, medical bills, and more. The thought of ever being able to have a decent house that I own is laughable. But in Skyrim, within just hours of living my life, I can afford to purchase a house and build my savings from there.

The Political Situation Is Entertaining Rather Than Excruciating

I don’t need to give a political opinion to state how excruciating it is to listen to everyone argue with each other and to hear the same political messages repeatedly. In Skyrim, though there are political issues going on, it’s not the same damn things you’ve been hearing about for so many years. Not to mention, you can easily play a significant role in changing the outcome of how those situations are handled in Skyrim, unlike reality.

You Don’t Have To Clean Snow Off Your Car

I live in Wisconsin. That’s probably enough explanation. I guarantee that anyone without a garage who lives in an area where it snows consistently will agree that this point alone automatically makes Skyrim a much better place to live.

You Don’t Need A Job

I’m not advocating for not working in real life, but haven’t you ever thought about how nice it would be if we lived in a world where you didn’t have to? What if you could just travel around, pick up some stuff, sell them for a profit, and then spend the rest of your time doing whatever you want? If you lived in Skyrim, you could spend most of your time doing any activity of your choosing without being tied down for eight hours every day.

Adopt Kids, Never Pay Attention To Them Again, They Still Love You

You can get the satisfying feeling of being a do-gooder by adopting some orphans, and then you can leave them at home for months at a time without giving them a second’s thought. Unlike all of the work you have to put into children in real life, in Skyrim, they can all fend for themselves and will always be happy to see you when you come home.

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