Racket: Nx has a Confirmed July Launch Date for Oculus Quest

Developer One Hamsa announced back in April that its futuristic squash multiplayer Racket: Nx would be coming to Oculus Quest. Today, the studio has confirmed the launch will take place this month, next week in fact, allowing players to engage in some wireless racket action. 

Originally a PC VR release for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality devices last year, Racket: Nx takes the classic contained sport of squash and gives it a futuristic twist. Players find themselves inside a giant dome with hexagonal wall panels which light up according to the mode and difficulty.

There are three main panels in most modes, ones which score points, those that remove health and those that replace health. Others include warp portals which can make the ball reappear in random locations. Racket: Nx has real physics and then bends the rules on those physics as well. For instance, the ball will behave as normal when players simply hit it towards the dome. If they put some spin on it, however, then the ball can be manipulated to run across the wall, gaining combo points. Should the ball at any point lose momentum and become unreachable with the racket, a grappling hook mechanic is available to retrieve it.

Featuring both single-player and multiplayer challenges, the solo mode offers score-based challenges across dozens of stages of varying difficulty. While the multiplayer has various modes with a competitive league including head to head matches, a skill rating system and rankings.

The title is an ideal use case for the standalone headset, allowing players to really immerse themselves in the experience with no wires to worry about. And the Oculus Insight tracking system should be easily up to the task considering it can handle fast-paced videogames like Beat Saber.

Racket: Nx is scheduled to arrive for Oculus Quest next Thursday, 18th July. It’ll include cross-buy support with Oculus Rift for those that already own the videogame, a detail confirmed a couple of months ago along with several others. VRFocus will continue its coverage of One Hamza and Racket: Nx, reporting back with any further updates and announcements.

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