Pokemon Sword and Shield: My Surprise Trade Christmas Wasn’t Very Merry

Surprise Trade Christmas has come and gone in Pokémon Sword and Shield, but not for all of us. I myself wasn’t able to trade a single Pokémon during Christmas thanks to network issues.

It doesn’t look like the problem was very widespread, as Reddit seems to have had a blast with the gift exchange. However, after connecting to different wifi networks and reestablishing connection multiple times, my game was stuck searching for a trade partner all Christmas Day.

Christmas Trade Preparations

A breeding frenzy ensued a few weeks before the Christmas holiday to build a collection of Pokémon I was most excited to share with new trainers. Gearing up for a gift-giving extravaganza, I began hatching teams of eggs through Rotom Rallies. By Christmas Eve a sleigh’s worth of Sobble, Eevee, Galarian Ponyta, and more were ready to brighten young trainers’ holidays around the world.

Despite the personal strife, the holiday spirit was not lost to the Pokémon community as a whole. Veteran trainers were well prepared with boxes upon boxes of great gift Pokémon to spread holiday cheer. Many trainers’ holidays were made all the more special thanks to the overtly giving nature of Pokémon fans. Perhaps my little Ponyta and friends will get the chance to be a Christmas miracle for aspiring trainers another year. Unfortunately, this year it looks like my box full of Christmas Trade Pokémon was sent to the island of misfit Banette.

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